Swap your stones for instruments and write yourself a song

For the last few days I have been fascinated by the London riots and those involved in the violence, vandalism and looting. I can’t help but think that if all of the youths involved (as allegedly it is mainly youths involved) were to stop attacking the police, people’s homes and businesses and put their frustration into doing something to change the problems in a non-violent way then maybe instead of being classed as thugs they would be taken seriously as ‘frustrated youths’ if that is really what the aim of the riots are. I can't help but think about what such a large amount of people could do if they were to pick up instruments and write a song about it (maybe they could release it and use the profits to tackle some of the issues).

However I feel that probably this isn’t the case, if they were really that frustrated with not having their say, why cause chaos and destruction to people’s homes and properties most of which will have had nothing to do with the so called frustrations they are rioting about? Why steal from other people in their own community, some of which will suffer from higher insurance premiums due to having to replace their stolen goods or rebuild their properties? What sense does it make to burn down businesses of which may be able to offer job opportunities if what they are actually rioting about is a lack of jobs?

My guess is they’re not rioting because they are frustrated and angry for change. My guess is that they have no morals and aren’t really bothered about social issues at all. There are thousands of unprivileged people all over the UK who also have lost their jobs, EMA or are also suffering in some way due to the cuts yet they’re not rioting as they know it is wrong.

It frustrates me to think that young people, who are actually frustrated, do want change and are willing to work hard at finding positive ways to make a stand are being overshadowed by those involved in the riots. Everyday young people make their stand and have their say by writing songs, getting involved in volunteering, creating new businesses and finding other ways to combat issues and tell the world about the issues that all youths are currently facing. Youths who do make a positive impact on society are not classed as frustrated youths even though they’re in the same position as many of these youths rioting, so why should the ones who are involved be excused as ‘frustrated youths’?