How to become a music promoter

Most people seem to have the common misconception that music promotions is an hard job to break into, although it is hard work it is possible for almost anyone to be a music promoter if they have the determination to do so. To become a music promoter you don't need any fancy qualifications, although these might help, in my opinion experience is much more important. In 2006 i started my first music promotions venture with my then voluntary organization 'All That Promotions', i had no experience in the sector and was still at college studying Media.

I was first introduced to music promotions while helping a radio presenter friend to organise an event, from this point on i was hooked and determined to do anything i could to start a career in the sector. After the launch of All That Promotions i decided to contact bands, radio stations, record companies and anyone i could think of who might be able to help me to gain some experience in this sector. Almost four years on, i have worked with various well known companies and bands and i am just about to launch All That Promotions as a full time business.

Tips to becoming a music promoter:-

  • Never give up, persistence pays off eventually.
  • Take every opportunity you can, you never know what doors it might open.
  • Start off by offering your services for free until you have enough experience and a good enough reputation to gain a job in the sector or start your own business.
  • Unsigned bands/artists are future stars, just because they aren't doing so well at the moment doesn't mean you can't help guide them to become successful.
  • Contacts and networking are one of the most important aspects of this job. Don't know anyone in the business? Neither did i! Get to know people by introducing yourself and your services to them.
How to break into music promotions :-
  • Contact local bands/artists offering to help them, promote them by using online social networking websites to advertise their music online.
  • Contact venues to ask for work experience.
  • Contact local radio stations to ask if you can shadow their events manager or if there is any events you can help them to organise.
  • Contact other music promoters to see if you can shadow them or help them to promote their events or artists.
  • Charities such of Oxfam are always looking for volunteers to help with their events. Working with charities on such events could be a good opportunity to pick up valuable advice and experience at the same time as doing something good for the community.
  • When you have enough contacts and feel confident enough to do so, arrange your own event with local bands performing.
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