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My Views on the current Opera North Row

National opera company Opera North have recently found themselves trapped in the middle of press coverage about whether it was the right decision to allegedly cancel a play of which they were involved in supporting due to gay references of which the writer (Lee Hall, creator of Billy Elliot) refused to remove from the script.

I logged on to Twitter earlier today to find 'Opera North' trending, my first thoughts were "I wonder if they've got a cool new play out" never did I expect them to be trending over criticism of their decisions . For many years Opera North have been supporting schools helping them to set-up and run music/arts related events. I myself have in the past been involved in a play run by Opera North and cannot praise them enough.

With some of the pupils as young as 5 involved in the play, I can see why the school(s) involved and Opera North may have thought it was the right decision to cancel the play. I can't help but think that if they were to let the play carry on, would have they have received bad press for allowing it to do so? It seems to me that this is a bit of a lose/lose situation of which the company would have been criticised either way from different people with contrasting views on whether children should be exposed to sexuality related issues at such a young age.

I hope to see that next time Opera North are trending on Twitter or in the news, they are trending for the right reasons.

What does everyone else think about this? Leave us your views in a comment below.