Just Ask!

Want to be the next best thing since the Arctic Monkeys but don’t know where to start? Just ask! There’s loads of local music organisations always willing to help, but if you don’t ask them to help you how do they know that you need their help? Many bands will go it alone to save costs, I can’t say I blame them as music promotions, practice, recording and marketing can be expensive, but does it always have to be?

Some costs relating to music careers are unavoidable but this doesn’t mean they are unaffordable, sometimes the more expensive option is not always the best quality, however sometimes the low budget cost cutting option might not always be the best option either, so ask around and get recommendations before deciding on a practice room, recording studio, venue hire or dare I say it without sounding like I’m advertising – music promoter . Ask to see their previous client testimonials, check out the quality of recordings they produce and ask them for references so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Any credible organisation will not mind you asking for these, in fact most (such as ourselves) have testimonial sections on their websites and pages dedicated to showcasing just exactly what other organisations and clients have had to say about their services.

Also don’t forget local social enterprises and voluntary organisations too! These types of organisations provide affordable or sometimes even free support to local artists so that they don't have to do everything themselves. Sheffield Live and Young Music are two of the non-profit organisations we are currently working with at the moment. Want free or affordable support for your band? All you have to do is ask!

Email me at: Natz@allthatpromotions.com for more information.